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Frequently Asked Questions

What age can my child start?

We take children from walking in our parent and tot session. Independent classes start from 3 but children must be toilet trained and capable of following instruction. Some children may be better suited to start at 4.

How do I book my child a place?

Give us a call, text, email, or get in touch through our facebook page.

I’ve booked my child a place, what should they wear?

Beginner gymnasts can wear anything comfy. We recommend shorts or leggings and t-shirt. As they progress we advise that girls wear leotards and shorts. We have our own club kit which most gymnasts chose to wear, however it is not compulsory. All gymnasts are to have bare feet.

What should my child bring?

Gymnasts should bring a drink with them to every session, other than that, nothing!

Do parents stay with their child or should children be left?

The answer is it’s up to you! We do have a small seating area for parents that wish to stay and watch the session. Alternatively as long as we have had a registration form for your child, you are free to leave them in our capable hands.

Will my child do competitions?

We run 2 club competitions a year which all gymnasts are encouraged to take part in. Once gymnasts progress, they may be invited to take part in other competitions outside of our club. These range from friendly low level invitational competitions to national and international competitions for our advanced/squad gymnasts. However if a gymnasts does not wish to compete they will not be expected to.

What days are competitions usually on?

Our club competitions are always on Saturdays. Invitational competitions are on Saturdays and Sundays and national competitions are almost always on Sundays.

How do I pay for class fees?

Class fees are to be paid weekly in cash for the first four weeks. After that fees must be paid monthly by standing order.

Do the monthly fees change depending on how many sessions are in a month?

No. Once you are on monthly payments the amount has been set to take into account annual closures and five week months.

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